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The World as a Labyrinth - Gustav René Hocke and the Fantastic Art Tradition

The Dancing God

Appreciations of Gustav René Hocke

While we were sitting at our Formica-topped table outside the Café Nazionale, waiting for a man of that kind, I was watching a German tourist on the other side of the little piazza. Carrying a shopping bag and looking around enquiringly, he was a short, stout, sturdy man with a remarkably rosy complexion, well-pressed gabardine slacks, and a bright yellow bomber jacket. I drew Ingeborg’s attention to him. It’s funny, I said, you can recognize our compatriots at once, anywhere in the world.
The man, who had spotted us, came over.
Excuse me, but are you Herr and Frau Ende?
We nodded dismissively.
It’s funny, he said rather smugly, Germans are instantly recognizable anywhere. My name is Hocke.