The World as a Labyrinth

Europäische Tagebücher aus vier Jahrhunderten

European Diaries from four Centuries

Diaries - as diverse as the reasons why they are written, as diverse is their form. But they are always a mirror of their time. Who left us their diaries and why? Which ones have made history? Are there motifs that repeat themselves over time and what has changed over time?

This revised and abridged edition of Gustav René Hocke's standard work on the literary form of the diary emerges from an analytical reading of hundreds of diaries from all over Europe from the Renaissance to the present. Divided into thematic groups, the motives, writing attitudes and writing techniques of diary authors are analysed and compared. The diaries of kings, politicians and resistance fighters, composers, painters and writers, their private records, confessions and reflections not only have documentary value, but also provide a deep insight into the recurring problems of human existence, into the most humane aspects of our (cultural) history. For Gustav René Hocke, the European spirit is based on this genuine, real humanism.

E-Book: hockebooks, 2022