The World as a Labyrinth

Prizes & Awards

Laurels for a Life’s Work
Gustav René Hocke’s literary activities earned him numerous literary prizes, critics’ awards, and decorations, as did his tireless efforts on behalf of intercultural understanding. They included the Federal German Republic’s Verdienstkreuz, the Austrian Republic’s Goldenes Verdienstkreuz, and the De Gasperi Prize for international understanding. Italy, too, honoured the man who had helped to rediscover her
cultural heritage, for instance by investing him with the rank of a Grande Uffiziale. Hocke was also a Professor of the Viennese Academy
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  • 1930 German National Scholarship Fund, Berlin University
  • Since 1950 Member, German Academy of Language and Literature
  • 1952 Prize-winner, Venice Biennale
  • 1957 Commander of the Italian Republic (Commendatore della Repubblica Italiana)
  • 1959 Prize for Literature, Cultural Circle of the Federal Association of German Industry
  • 1959 Member, Accademia del Mediterraneo
  • 1961 First International Prize, Rome
  • Since 1963 Member, Pen Centre of the German Federal Republic
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  • 1964 Goldenes Verdienstkreuz der Republik Österreich
  • 1966 De Gasperi Prize for International Understanding
  • 1970 Grand Officer of the Italian Republic (Grande Uffiziale della Repubblica Italiana)
  • 1970 Appointed member of the Roman Accademia Tiberina
  • 1973 Bundesverdienstkreuz
  • 1975 Officer’s Order of the Belgian Crown
  • 1978 Honorary Professor, Viennese Academy of Arts
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