The World as a Labyrinth

Painting of the Present Day: Neomannerism

From Surrealism to Meditation

On the triumphal progress of the fantastic. Gustav René Hocke became well-known for his sensational studies of Mannerism in art and literature. In Der Neomanierismus he produced a no less important work on important trends in contemporary art: an imaginary seminar devoted to Neomannerism as modern art’s route from surrealism to meditation. It is a fact that present-day artists, writers and composers who put more faith in the power of imagination than in mere imitation of nature are being increasingly discussed and acknowledged in all world cultures. The subjective creative achievements of fantastic and visionary art, that is to say, those that derive from inner experience, are definitely gaining importance. G. R. Hocke begins his review of the Neomannerist age with 21 illustrated monographs on representative artists. The volume concludes with a bibliography that bears witness to the intensity attained by Idea-Kunst in almost every continent.
With 33 colour plates and 85 monochrome illustrations.